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42 Awesome Experiences you can Offer as a Gift

What’s up, Bonjourists?

I decided that as long as I can I’ll offer my son experiences instead of things. Things are great, don’t misunderstand me, but it comes a time when some things become superfluous. You probably know someone that “has everything”. Choosing a gift for such a person can be a pain.  And think about the lasting memories you shall create and share with someone you love in the years to come!

The idea for this post came last week. I was talking to my father over the telephone and he announced he was leaving to Fortaleza – Brazil in the next days, to take the kids for a weekend at the Beach Park. This is a very popular theme park, with lots of aquatic fun. The kids wanted this trip as a birthday gift, so be it!

Ps: I’ll come back to the kids later. They are my 3 siblings and they’re children!

So let’s go to our zero waste sensorial gifts:

I’ll share with you 42 (yeah!) immaterial gift ideas for your beloved ones – because 42 is the answer to “The” Ultimate Big Question about life, the universe and the rest.

The list is divided into four price levels, to fit all budgets. You have no excuses!🙅‍♀️

Level 1 – $

1. A hot drink: being invited to drink a coffee is always a pleasure. More than the cost of the drink itself, it’s the promise of a good time. As a bonus, you can even add a sweetness to nibble. 😉

2. An ice cream: this is the summer version of coffee, which can be a great experience if you have a super glacier address. For my part, I am a loyal customer of the über traditional Berthillon for their unbeatable vegan ice creams with no fat and sugar!

3. A walk or hike: going for a walk in nature is a great way to recharge your batteries. And it’s even better if it’s shared! You will, of course, have to take care of the organization part (and the snack for later).

4. A picnic: again, this good will be rather to be used on sunny days. Prepare a treat, cutlery, and towels (cloth, because if it’s zero waste, it’s even better), and off you go. Optional: the tablecloth of circumstance.

5. An ice skating session: it will delight many fans of this sport. Just find a tink near you, and off you go. Even counting the skate rentals it’s very affordable.

6. A roller skating session: several options are available to you. You can organize a course to do together and/or rent a pair of skates if the person and you do not have one.

7. A drink: it’s the equivalent of coffee, but when you want to be able to stroll together longer. The best is to find an original place to discover together, like a hidden bar, at the top of a tower for the view or even in a very beautiful place (a drink will always be more accessible than a complete meal).

8. Two movie tickets: another good time to share with two, which may include a snack planned for this purpose in advance. And do not forget your bottle to drink during the session!

10. A bowling session or a game of billiards: I love bowling, I still remember when I was a teenager…now imagine a bowling session with a group of friends!

11. A conference: also a moment to share, especially when you have topics of common interest! Free or paid, we find on all topics and for all scholarships.

12. A show: a circus (without wild animals of course!), A stand-up or ink a play, there is plenty of choices.

13. A climbing session: as a block (wall up to 3 meters high, with a big carpet above) or roped (about ten meters high, with a harness), climbing is a very complete sport, both physically and psychologically, so why not share it?

14. A trampoline session: to jump for joy for an hour or more. Hysterical laughs guaranteed! Who wouldn’t like to be a child again for a while?

15. A hammam: an entrance to the great mosque of Paris, for example, costs about fifteen euros, for total relaxation in a vaporous atmosphere.

Level 2 – $$

16. A botanical hike: What if you offered a course to learn how to recognize wild edible plants? How to select medicinal herbs?

17. A laser tag or mini golf: a little more expensive than bowling and also a little more sporty, both activities are also a guarantee of fun.

18. A climbing course: following point number 13 that is perhaps more suitable for complete beginners, why not offer a lesson with a teacher? It will be a good way to progress for those already familiar with it.

19. A cooking class: beginner or advanced, vegan or organic, there are cooking classes for all tastes and all levels. And then there is always the pleasure of tasting the meal in the end 😉

20. Two places for a museum: and why not even an annual subscription in a particular place? Again, there is always something for everyone!

21. A giant zip line: apparently the largest in Europe is Orcières (2665 m altitude) and during a flight of 1870 meters above the mountains can reach a top speed of 130 km/h. This one is for that adrenaline junkie that you know. A little research in your country/region and boom! The coolest gift!.

22. A hook-and-branch session: the zip lines are often smaller, but there is also climbing in the trees and a good way to work with your arms while being in contact with nature.

23. A weekend camping: the extension of point number 3, to make the pleasure last for two days. Provide the tent and the necessary equipment.

24. An escape game: I admit that I am a huge fan of escape game. It is an activity that is more interesting when done with family or friends.

25. 1 month pass for yoga classes: if your beloved one likes this activity, he/she will surely be happy to be able to enjoy some lessons. For more originality, there are also cool and original derivatives such as aerial yoga (one of my favorite sports).

26: A chocolate making workshop: a bit like the cooking class, but better. Because there are 🍫!!

27. A wine tasting: it works also for whiskey or beer. The idea is to drink very good stuff by doing so we are becoming an expert!

28. Dance lessons: tango, salsa, swing class, but also pole dance, Indian dance…the sky is the limit! 💃🏻

29. A dinner: in your company. This may also be an opportunity to discover new places!

30. A relaxation session: the ham man level 2, accompanied by a mint tea and a scrub, just to be pampered until the end!

31. A massage: total relaxation assured, whether we take the Ayurvedic massage option to circulate the energies, Californian for the sweetness or Thai for a deep relaxation, we can sometimes choose mixed sessions.

Level 3 -$$$

32. Two places for an opera: or a ballet, or a concert, or a musical or a piece at the theater. In short, as point 12, but with more budget.

33. Two places for a major sporting event: for those who are really into sports.

34. Music lessons: your friend dreams of starting an instrument but does not dare to start? Give him a month of classes will allow him/her to start with a good foundation.

35. A parachute jump or paragliding: another idea for the adrenaline junkie, it’s a unique experience. I parachuted once and I confess I was more scared of the old plane than the actual jump. After 8 seconds of free fall piercing the clouds (a delicious cold and wet sensation), the parachute opened and it was just magical contemplation of the world bellow.

36. A theme park pass: a year of experience at your fingertips in a park in the area.

37. A boat trip: why not rent a boat for the day and embark for a cruise for a few hours?

38. A hot air balloon ride: I’ve flown above Cappadocia at dawn and OMG I have no words to describe. I still have goosebumps when I remember.

39. A photo-shooting session: with the whole family, as a couple or alone to boost self-confidence, there are many options. The price will also depend on the location and duration of the service.

40. A dinner in a gourmet restaurant: for that bon-vivant that really enjoys good food and good conversation.

Level 4 – $$$$

41. A yearly gym membership: a year-round gift that can help your friend make good resolutions.

42. A trip: the time of a weekend or for longer, to a place you heard your beloved one dreams about visiting!

And which of these experiences would you like to receive as a gift?

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