Roadtrip Survival Kit

roadtrip survival kit

Notice to globetrotters, adventurers, and explorers of all kinds: here you will find the best survival tools and items to travel in complete safety, even if the conditions are particularly difficult. Road trips have become increasingly popular in recent years. There are thousands of travelers willing to explore new destinations that are sometimes inaccessible and dangerous. To avoid minor and major hassles, take with you this tactical kit and roam serenely: we have your back!

  • Compass, map or GPS smartphone

These are the basic items to avoid getting lost. Finding your way in nature is not an easy task. If you’re going to a remote area bring an emergency radio, available at the Red Cross store.

  • Suitable clothing and impermeable shoes

The weather is somewhat unpredictable at times, so pack up thinking about the most extreme conditions you may find along the way. Check the meteorologic patterns of the region you’re going and be prepared for sudden climatic changes. Bring a shemagh tactical scarf, too. This is a jack of all trades.

  • A good backpack

It is important to choose your backpack to travel, so be sure to get the best your budget can afford. Roomy, tactical backpacks with many pockets are preferable. In addition, it must be adapted to your body for maximum comfort. Its capacity will be proportional to the duration of your journey.

  • A sleeping bag

The bottom line is that it is waterproof and insulated. They are bulky but worthy of being carried around.

  • A flashlight

Too often forgotten, it is essential when the night begins to fall. A LED head flashlight would be ideal because it leaves both hands free. Do not forget extra batteries (or opt for a solar led lamp if time permits)!

  • A gourd

Remember to bring enough water, and plan Aquatab tablets and/or filters if your reserves come to term.

  • Non-perishable food

Lyophilized food is the best option. Easy to pack and to prepare, you’ll have hot food on demand. Also think about nuts, protein bars, and snack trail mix.

  • Family and emergency contact information
  • A knife and a multi-tool plier

It must be solid because you will use it for different things: whether to eat, cut, saw etc …

  • A first aid kit

It should contain disinfectant, scissors, bandages, and compresses but also tweezers and sterile needles. In addition, sunscreen and sunburn lotion. Also, remember to pack a survival blanket and analgesics.

Post-it mental: Be aware of the drugs policy in the country you’ll visit. Some countries are really strict and travelers are sometimes arrested or even sentenced to death because of legal drugs such as analgesics, blood pressure medication etc. For more information check the country-specific information website or other official sources.

  • Anti-mosquito and anti-mosquito bite lotion

This item will save you a lot of itching and sleepless nights spent fighting with our insect friends. You should pack malaria pills if it applies to the region you will visit. Also, remember to start taking the pills 1-2 days before traveling to the area where malaria transmission occurs.

  • A box of matches or a lighter

It is imperative to keep both products away from moisture. Otherwise, you can say goodbye to your campfire and your grilled marshmallows. Note anyway that there are waterproof matches to avoid this situation.

  • Waterproof case for your electronics

With this kit, you are ready to explore the world with confidence!

Share this kit with you find it useful ;D Pack safe, pack beautiful and enjoy your travel!!


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