Dive in the underwater world hidden at the heart of Budapest

Molnar Janos Cave Budapest

The Hungarian capital is one of the most scenic cities in Eastern Europe, which highlights are massive buildings such as the Parliament, the Heroes’ Square, the Castle Hill and the bridges of the Danube linking Buddha to Pest. The city is also known for its historic baths and geothermal springs. But what few people know is that, under the feet of those who pass through those old wide avenues, there is a labyrinth of subterranean corridors, where it is possible to scuba dive, the Molnár János Cave!

Molnár János Cave, in the heart of Budapest, is an impressive system of flooded caves that, since 2015, has been explored by an operator who organizes dives for intrepid (and certified) visitors.

With crystalline and warm water, which varies between 20 ° C and 28 ° C, the site houses 400 meters of passages that cross natural formations of limestone! It was from those underground corridors that materials have been removed for the construction of some of the most iconic buildings of the Hungarian capital. Think about tons of limestone and you’ll have an idea of the dimensions of this cave!

The site also houses huge walls, up to 80 meters high, and corridors of more than six kilometers long, discovered in 2002.

The waters of these caves have been studied since the 19th century, when the pharmacist Janos Molnar, from whom the structure owes its name, first analyzed the water of a small lake in the heart of Buddha. Molnar discovered that these waters were the same he analyzed in a cave not far from there, concluding that under the city’s streets there was a complex system of intertwined caves.

If you’re a certified diver and plan a trip to Budapest don’t forget to check this impressive underwater world!

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