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Mike Libecki and his OECD: Meet the Ultimate World Explorer

Mike Libecki, named National Geographic Adventurer of the Year in 2013, is an inspiration for everyone.  He’s hooked on climbing and exploring the most distant, exotic and untouched places on Earth, or what he calls the  “Virgin Planet”. Over half of his extreme expeditions and ascents are solo and he has been in places where no one has ever been. His four passports have over 100 stamped pages from all over the world, and he describes himself as self-diagnosed with “OEDC”: “Obsessive Expedition Climbing Disorder”. 

Though his expeditions tend to be dangerous and he’s almost been killed on a few occasions, Libecki’s tales are full of excitement and joy. He invites us to be “professional children”, to take risks and to acknowledge the explorer within.

Here’s his story, told by himself.  He talks about his childhood, his burning drive, his eternal fascination by the mysteries of the world, and his relationship with his daughter, Liliana:

Death and/or old age is coming…we must live sweet. The time is now. Why ration passion? Dream big…and climb those dreams. After all, it is not only life but the quality of this life.  (Mike Libecki)

Named Men’s Journal 25 Most Adventurous Men of the Past 25 Years
2013 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year
More about him on his website:

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